Tuesday, May 1, 2018


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Fighting on the Plantation

I created this website as a direct response to bias, discrimination and racism within the Department of Children and Families (DCF) plantation and Connecticut Juvenile Training School (CJTS). This is just a beginning introduction about state run agencies that oppress employees of color while claiming to help children & adolescents.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


In the last article published by DCF Plantation Blog Connecticut Juvenile Training School was depicted as harassing a black female supervisor named Lynette Gaunichaux. This writer described how females in Hollywood were and are subjected to emotional, mental, economic, and physical assaults by men in power. Then a juxtaposition was made with Lynette who has been and still is being investigated using policy and procedures as cudgels. Lynette fights for equal treatment for employees at CJTS. As a chief Union Steward Lynette is relentless in exposing favoritism, nepotism, racial animus etc promoted by white males in power. Having taken up the cause of Youth Service Officers has not made Lynette a lot of friends among white male supervisors nor their spies who run back reporting on the workers. Since the story came out a few days ago about how this black woman is being treated, other employees have voiced concern about Ms G. as she is called. For several years people knew about the horrible treatment of actresses et al. in Hollywood by white males in power. Yet nothing was said by the many in Hollywood and only certain stories were told by a few. At CJTS people know what is being done to Ms G. yet tongues have not moved in her defense, YSOs are afraid about losing their jobs. Why worry about that facility anyway ? From all indications CJTS is due to close in June or July of 2018.

Where is the rallying cry for a black woman who for years fought that 'good old boy' network at CJTS ; you know the good ol' boys called Key Stone Cops, due to their never being able to run that facility correctly. If anything CJTS has been run into the ground due to dysfunctional white men who are not fit or capable of running a dog kennel. While people are fixated on female abuse by Hollywood male moguls, no one seems to give a crap about negative treatment of a true freedom fighter at CJTS.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


The assault and disrespect shown a black female employee named Lynette Gaunichaux at Connecticut Juvenile Training School is outrageous. Let me be clear. In Hollywood there has been and still is a culture that allows white men in power to abuse women. Scores of women have come out to tell horrible tales of mental, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by white males in power. Now switch your thinking to CJTS and how Lynette -who is fighting for an end to racism at CJTS-as a black female supervisor and union steward, with 20 plus years of experience, is being abused in other ways. White male supervisors have monitored Lynett's activities as a Unit Leader and employee. Because she advocates for justice for Youth Service Officers at CJTS management constantly has her under investigation for trivial matters. Behind the scenes, white male administrators whisper how they will dance an Irish jig when Lynette finally retires.
At CJTS abuse of a black female supervisor occurs all the time and people know about it but say nothing due to fear. Hey was it fear that kept people from speaking up in Hollywood about the abuse of females by directors and studio owners ? Hmmm! Now abuse at CJTS is being covered up.


It has come to the attention of this blog that two males of color that were Department of Children and Families Deputy Commissioners have resigned. Now it took a while for white folks who control DCF to consider placing males of color close to the power base. Now after years of being on the inside of DCF-which some people claim these commissioners had no effect- these men departed. Details of why they resigned are not known. What is known is that these two Deputy Commissioners did not speak up on issues of racism that employees of DCF raised against management. The years of racial turmoil that engulfed Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown, CT were not addressed publicly by the former Deputy Commissioners. What can be said is that men of color sat close to the seat of power, yet, were impotent.
Well these men rode out of the DCF plantation with pockets filled with state money. I wonder how these men feel about leaving people of color who run agencies without contracts from DCF.

Friday, October 6, 2017


What happens if people who are in charge of an agency do not take responsibility for mishaps or problems that occur ? If you are seeking answers to that question just look at the awful state of Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown, Connecticut. For years this facility has been besieged with problems of administrative incompetence when handling issues relating to employees i.e. Youth Service Officers, racism from white staff directed toward employees of color, female supervisors abusing Workers Compensation, or leadership going out to bars on the weekend, and drinking to excess, while twerking the night away and having it photographed. There are too many infractions that occurred at CJTS over the years to mention, however there is a pattern of denial that is documented by this blog. When something takes place that needs to be handled professionally, CJTS management will do the following (1. ignore the problem and view it with suspicion, (2. seek to blame someone or something as responsible for what happened, (3. try and keep the problem from becoming public, (4. vilify anyone trying to address the issue with management.

The denials are part of a dysfunctional Key Stone Cops management style that over the years resulted in a class action lawsuit from people of color proclaiming institutional racism. Also because of weak leadership, racial animus from white employees have been directed at YSOs and residents. The latter being called "porch monkeys" by a white female employee who also worked at the same facility as a school teacher.

If you doubt the words in this story please take time to peruse earlier blog articles.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


The local news in Hartford, Connecticut reported another story about a 19 - 21 year old male killed by gunfire. From what can be ascertained the youth and family moved from Bridgeport, CT to Hartford in order to keep the youth from negative gang influences. However on September 14, 2017 the youth in the story was targeted by alleged gang members. Shot down in the prime of life.

I have to ask the question... was the youth ever in the system? The Department of Children and Families and Connecticut Juvenile Training School have vast resources in both Bridgeport and Hartford to deal with youth. Did any of those vast resources ever place this youth in their system and give him a chance to survive? At this juncture there are rumors swirling around in the ether that this youth was not deemed any longer profitable for the mill that scoops up families and their children. No one will go on record publicly to verify if this youth received help from child rescue agencies. The way this youth died leaves many of my readers wondering if he was ever in the system.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


The writer of this blog has been informed of a cockroach move by the Connecticut Juvenile Training School against Youth Service Officers. For sometime now Key Stone Cops administrators at the plantation have mandated YSOs to work double and triple shifts in order to address the state layoffs of workers at their facility. However management will force YSOs to work 3 shifts but demand the third shift is done by schedule change with another employee. In this manner CJTS does not have to pay time and a half for the third shift. If this report is true then Keystone Cops management has reached a new low point. People in the upper income level at CJTS are waging economic war on the working class. It is called wage theft.  Why on earth do YSOs keep putting up with humiliation after humiliation from these incompetent petty tyrants on the plantation ?

In their infinite wisdom management at the plantation decided to hire a new female Assistant Superintendent at CJTS. The last one was to busy guzzling at night spots and twerking with staff on the weekends. I digress. This new Assistant Superintendent is supposedly from another facility and supposedly placed on administrative leave for one year. Hmm! Has anyone bothered to ask what the administrative leave concerned ? I doubt that CJTS management even knows about their new hire being on leave for one year. Hell, CJTS two years ago hired a supervisor who had no valid drivers license for over one year and came to work everyday.

Only at CJTS could this happen

Saturday, August 5, 2017


When will those Key Stone Cops who manage Connecticut Juvenile Training School  make sound decisions ! It is reported by credible sources that the old schedule that Youth Services Officers worked under is being considered for reinstatement. Now not long ago CJTS administration decided to eliminate -what was deemed costly overtime- old working schedules. Ergo, a new and improved work schedule  emerged from wise DCF Plantation Superintendents. I kid you not folks, the damn new schedule actually is paying out more money for overtime. And to really show readers how dysfunctional CJTS really is, the new schedule created more hours worked, thus creating additional payouts. Will wonders never cease ! You mean to tell this writer that people in charge of running-  into the ground- CJTS cannot put into place sound plans for scheduling ? There are people with advanced degrees at CJTS who are paid between $70,000-$100,000 dollars in salary and they can't govern properly that facility.

Now instead of giving the old schedule back to the YSOs, -who in reality run the joint- administration is hiring 15 durational workers. Say what ? Yes you read correctly. In the midst of a state budget crisis CJTS is actually adding more workers to govern 40 youth. This entire scenario is boarding on the absurd. Yes let me give CJTS a new moniker -THEATRE OF THE ABSURD.

Monday, July 24, 2017


There are two stories about young incarcerated men at Connecticut Juvenile Training School that reeks of not caring about them from management. The first tale of disposable youth is from Unit 5B. It is reported that this male returned to CJTS after being personally involved in a car accident. The youth was in the car that hit a person and then reportedly, shearing off both their legs. Now the youth in the car at the time of this accident had already been a guest of  CJTS several times. However he still had some worth i.e. insurance for housing etc. Other youth on Unit 5B said "I guess this guy can use a car, hit someone and take off their legs, then come back to CJTS. If nothing happens to him for hitting that person with a vehicle. Then if I kill someone no big deal is it."

Another youth from Stamford also had been incarcerated in CJTS on several occasions. However now it is reported one day KeyStone Cops management decided to dispose of the youth. This particular person had reached the peak of his usefulness i.e. the limit of commitment had been reached. Also CJTS no longer could collect any money from the person's insurance. What did management come up with as a solution ? The youth was literally discharged back to Stamford with no regard for possible danger to him in the environment. Barely one week after being released this youth CJTS disposed-was shot multiple times. He is in critical condition in Stamford at this time.

People are not discussing how CJTS et al. just dump disposable youth like the two in this story.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


What in hell is going on at Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown, CT ? It has been reported that something truly strange occurred July 18, 2017 on Unit 5 Delta. Two male residents were on the Unit and decided to wild out. The two residents watched a male staff place his bag in plain sight with personal items inside. Now it is a rule Youth Service Officers at CJTS place belongings in the secure staff office. For whatever reason the personal bag did not go in the staff office. One resident went down near the electronic door leading out of the Unit 5 D. The other resident grabbed the YSO's bag, then hit the button opening the electronic door. Resident one made sure it stayed open. They both ran out to the CJTS grounds. From this point on the story reads like some old Woody Allen movie.

Both residents ran to the Green House and climbed up onto the roof. Once sitting high on their throne, both residents took out the YSO's electronic cigarette and smoked it. Oh it gets better folks. While smoking the e -cigarette the escapees took out the YSO's cell phone holding it in their hand. It is reported staff and management just stood looking.

I just can't find words to express yet another episode of foolishness at the CJTS Plantation.

Friday, July 7, 2017


The service providers from several agencies sat in a room with this writer not long ago with a story of deception and dangerous clients. It is reported that the Department of Children and Families frequently use their position and financial wealth for the purposes of "client dumping." Let me be clear. This is what the service providers said to the writer. "DCF will send us one client or more with very little notice or paper work. When we receive the client in many instances he or she is older and not appropriate for our program. Then it is said that the client is only going to stay at our facility for a few days. After the allotted time draws near DCF will manipulate the situation and the client is now staying longer." I asked what is the purpose of all the duplicity and intrigue by DCF and got this reply. "DCF is under a Consent Decree and must improve client services and outcomes. The Consent Decree has been in place for years and is meant to help DCF clean up cases of clients being lost in the system or not receiving adequate care. However in order for DCF to have higher scores from Consent Decree monitors, clients are sent to any facility that DCF can dump them at. Then this state funded agency can check the client (s) off a list for Consent Decree monitors to peruse."

Another service provider runs an agency for specific clients with targeted age limits. But DCF often sends clients who are physically aggressive... low functioning intellectually and prone to run away. Again the scenario goes like this "DCF gives some discharge date for the person , yet one day before the scheduled release an official from DCF calls and asks for a extension for the client. This game is played for three - four weeks and the agency caring for the client becomes frustrated." If the agency is fuming over this shell game what about the client's feelings ?

Please let it be noted how most of the clients mentioned in this story getting sent to inappropriate agencies for treatment are black...Hispanic. In the final analysis maybe that is why this happens. Just saying.

Friday, June 23, 2017


While this writer was wandering around in a Hartford supermarket several Connecticut Juvenile Training School Youth Service Officers approached. The YSOs told a familiar story of how the superintendents at CJTS are covering up for abuse of Workers Compensation. Now it is true that WC is high at CJTS Plantation and something needs to be done to curtail the financial drain on State of Connecticut monetary coffers. However CJTS management are pointing to YSOs as the main culprits in this apparent fraud, when in actuality it is management solely responsible for high rates of being absent. At this writing sources claim at least fifteen Assistant Unit Leaders are out on WC. There are no AULs covering some Units at CJTS. Yet the mantra of CJTS KeyStone Cops management is "tell YSOs to come to work."

How can YSOs come to work when tired and emotionally drained? Let me be clear. At this juncture YSOs are being forced by management to work double or triple shifts. KeyStone Cops management explain how state layoffs are causing shortages of staff, ergo it is necessary to mandate the working of two-three shifts. So it sounds as if 16-20 hour shifts are mandatory. Then YSOs go home and return to work the next day. It is reported how forced to work employees shuffle around CJTS like "the night of the living dead." Their vacant eyes see nothing, their reflexes are slow as molasses, record keeping non existent due to lack of concentration. It goes without saying that working all those hours create an unsafe environment for staff and residents.

News Flash !!  Keystone Cops management at CJTS are incompetent and have run the facility into the ground. Scandal, after scandal rock the facility and racism reigns supreme among a white elitist hierarchy determined to remain in power. White men ruling a facility of incarcerated brown and black residents. Yes these same white supervisors in command of CJTS, use residents of color as commodities, in order to acquire federal monies and certain grants. In this manner white power brokers use the money earned in bloated salaries to make certain their kids get quality educations, vacations take place, and mortgages are paid. What about the residents of color and employees. To be honest about it, management does not really care.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


The DCF Plantation blog published a story recently about how a resident with a leg cast was living in squalor in his room at Connecticut Juvenile Training School. This black male resident lives on Unit 5 B and did not get placed in the CJTS infirmary for reasons that escape this writer. However after the story came out about the filthy conditions in the room, lo and behold the resident's room suddenly got power cleaned with some machine. Will wonders never cease ! This writer will argue how the real issue is CJTS dysfunctional KeyStone Cops management of that facility. It boggles the imagination how the two men running that facility manage to keep their jobs. So many issues have arisen at CJTS over the years, and it is due to inept  handling of employees, overtime, and endemic racism from white apartheid management. Now the latest fiasco entails a youth of color being allowed to live in third world squalor due to an injury that limits his movements. It took someone writing about the Unit 5B atrocity in order for the room to be cleaned.

Then it is reported the youth underwent another surgery two days ago but is still not in the infirmary.

Monday, June 12, 2017


The reliable sources within the Department of Children and Connecticut Juvenile Training School are talking to this writer about a situation concerning another human being. I have been told the story about a male CJTS resident living in deplorable conditions on Unit 5B. This male resident has a cast on his leg and cannot move around well. Meals are brought to his room. He sits in the Unit 5B dayroom for hours. To quote a Youth Service Officer "the room smells and garbage strewn on floor. That room is not fit for dogs." Why then is a human being living in the room? Well since the State of Connecticut is closing down CJTS slowly, overtime payment are frowned upon. Ergo, it is easy to somehow or another justify not paying an employee to watch this resident in the infirmary. Yes, the resident needs to be in a hospital type setting. Finances might be one reason for the squalor this resident is living in on Unit 5B. .

Another way of viewing why the resident is living with little regard for his care might be found in his race. The youth on 5B is black. CJTS management does not have a stellar record when it comes to handling people of color, whether employees or residents. Take for example how a white youth with an injury living on the former Unit of 5D was treated. The white youth was living in the infirmary with a YSO to attend his needs. Also the white youth had parental advocates while the black youth does not. Let me be clear. Several years ago the cry for fair and humane treatment for CJTS residents went forth like mighty trumpet blasts. The Child Advocate, CT lawmakers, disgruntled YSO right winger whistle blowers, etc called for justice concerning youth restraints. To make matters worse, YSO Dupree became the poster child of restraints, loss his job. He fought and got the job back, but my point is no expense was spared in denouncing a muscular black man over allegations of harming youth. Dupree suffered public humiliation over a witch hunt at CJJTS.

Now there is a black resident on Unit 5B injured and wearing a leg cast. He lives in deplorable conditions inside a room. There are no hues or cries about his humanity. The writer of this blog has to wonder if Key Stone Cops management at CJTS placed saving overtime money in front of caring for the resident. Then just maybe being black and without parental advocates is hindering the resident being admitted to the infirmary.

One thing is known for certain, the white boy who had a similar injury while living on the former Unit 5D went to the infirmary-with overtime YSOs to help.

Friday, June 2, 2017


It is rumored that  a 20 year plus employee at Connecticut Juvenile Training School is returning to work June 3, 2017. Now the fact that any employee returning to work after medical leave is no big deal. However Linette Gaunichaux is no ordinary woman. Linette is a strong black woman determined to make sure  CJTS administration treats all employees-white, black, Hispanic- with fairness. To be sure Ms G. as she is called by friend and foe, has been critical of biased policies of CJTS over the years, and as chief Union Steward, has filed grievances and a class action lawsuit against unfair practices such as racism... and hostile workplace environment.

You can rest assured CJTS management and the good ol' boys that run CJTS will not be happy about Ms G. coming back to work.

Let us hope Ms G. will continuing kick some sparks out of the asses of those dysfunctional managers on the plantation.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


 In  late November or early December 2016 a SWAT team, State Police et al. descended on Connecticut Juvenile Training School after a false 911 call about a gun in building # 5 and a shooting due to occur. This blog published a story about the incident on December 3, 2016 and wondered  if counseling was provided to the  youth on the Unit that police entered. Now an eye witness reports that no such counseling to traumatized youth materialized. Why ? This reporter talked face to face with a youth who was actually on the Unit when police came in with M-16 rifles and made residents enter their rooms. According to the eye witness "no counseling was provided that day or days later. We were all shook up by seeing these men surround the building and come on our Unit with M16s."

Reliable sources indicate that the majority of residents of the Unit in building # 5 are of color. Indeed CJTS residents are predominately made up of males of color. Many of these youth are from urban environments where violence occurs frequently. It stands to reason that seeing police with all those guns triggered trauma in these residents. However CJTS nor the Department of Children and Families deemed it necessary to provide counseling after the police departed. Please note that CJTS / DCF proclaim to have the best interest of youth as their primary goal. However it did not appear necessary to have clinicians come in to unpack possible trauma to youth

Well it should come as no surprise that both agencies use males of color as commodities in securing federal, state, and other funding to promote supposed safe guarding of youth. Yet when police bum rushed building # 5 and entered a Unit, white management did not give a flying f... about the residents.

White supremacy in action.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


I grew up in Detroit, Michigan and had occasion to visit the Nation of Islam Mosque on Linwood Avenue. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad led the NOI and printed a book called "Message to the Blackman." In this book Elijah Muhammad instructed black people how to live, eat, and fight against endemic American racism from white people. Recently a black man working at Connecticut Juvenile Training School contacted this blog for advice. This black man was given a directive by the secondary white male supervisor at CJTS. Needless to say the Youth Service Officer perceived the comment as racist and insulting.

This is my "Message To The Blackman" at CJTS.

1. You claim to have been objectified and atomized by this white administrator, plan a response.

2. You claim a fellow CJTS employee heard the racist remarks. Will this person verify your claim?
     Sending a letter to Human Resources about the incident is not enough to achieve victory.

3. It is time to stop relying on others to fight for you.. standup and fight against oppression.

4. Finally I suggest you remember these words black man.Years ago your fellow YSOs engaged in a
    fight against racism at CJTS. You declined [ as did others] to participate and watched from the safe
    haven of the sidelines as you protected your job and overtime pay. Now the same evil has affected
    you. It is time you the and witness to this event- in the words of Spike Lee - "Do The Right Thing."

That is my "Message To The Blackman" at CJTS.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Linette Gaunichaux is a black female supervisor at Connecticut Juvenile Training School employed for over twenty years. Ms G. as she is called by friends has also advocated for employee rights while becoming a target of white administration at CJTS over the years, white apartheid administrators at CJTS have investigated Linette for minor things, accused her behind closed doors of giving confidential information to this blog, spread rumors she is difficult to work with and tried to keep her from becoming a chief Union Steward. It is worth noting that when Ms G. did become chief Union Steward a few years ago the second in command at CJTS came to her office the day after the election and proclaimed "we want to work with you." Yeah right !!

However since she has been out on medical leave something nefarious is happening. KeyStone Cops management is trying to undermine the Unit 5B that is supervised by Linette. Behind closed doors decisions are made about where residents should be housed. It is rumored by reliable sources that white management intentionally sends male residents with acute and chronic behavioral issues to Linette's Unit 5B. Now check out this slimy plan that management hatched. While Linette is out on medical leave the clients begin acting out and this is documented. In essence the behaviors make it appear as if no control is being exerted on Unit 5B. Ergo, white management can step in and institute measures that undercut Linette's authority. I know such actions by management seem petty but the record-over the years- clearly show management always comes with low ball tactics against Linette.

And you wonder why CJTS is so dysfunctional !!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It is being reported at Connecticut Juvenile Training School daily that the place is dysfunctional. The phrase Youth Service Officers et al. are repeating is "it's a jungle at CJTS." Why you might asked is this phrase being spoken? According to certain sources a number of incidents and situations have occurred that makes working at CJTS almost unbearable. For example on Unit 5D residents are making fire sprinklers operate in their rooms. When the YSO's open locked doors to let residents escape the deluge of water, it is then that an orchestrated attack on another resident happens. Another reason CJTS is being compared to a jungle is the fact NO YSO wants to work on Unit 5D due to the lack of disciplinary measures meted out to residents for acting out behaviors. In other words the supervisors for that particular Unit are soft. Ergo, the residents are aware of this 'softness' from supervisors and act accordingly--i.e. residents go buck wild. Now because of this chaos on Unit 5D management has to mandate [ force] YSOs to work on this Unit.

The Intake Unit
In the past new CJTS residents would receive instructions about rules and regulations from staff in the Intake Unit. This data would let residents know what was expected of them, how to address staff and other details like cleaning their room etc. However someone in KeyStone Cops management at CJTS decided to eliminate the Intake Unit and now residents enter the facility without any guidelines. YSOs are requesting the return of this intake unit as part of accepting new residents. As it stands now residents come into CJTS and see fights with staff, notice rooms not being properly cleaned, and other acting out behaviors as normal. Who made that decision to eliminate the intake unit? Inquiring minds want to know.

Only Certain Residents Wanted
Why are CJTS supervisors arguing over what residents will be accepted on Unit 6B? It is reported that 6B supervisors are attempting to get only residents with minor behavioral problems on that Unit. The thinking is that by doing this it will not make the Unit appear dysfunctional. Wait a damn minute. Hold the presses. From all reports, Unit 6B is already whacked out, off the hook, and without proper discipline being imposed on residents. So how in God's name can supervisors be engaged in some verbal Jujitsu over what clients can improve Unit 6B in terms of image?

No wonder people are saying "it's a jungle at CJTS.

Monday, March 20, 2017


This writer obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act regarding the Department of Children & Families hiring and termination practices over a 10 year period. The first chart shows hiring practices of DCF as it relates to people of color. These are mostly low level positions. A perusal of the second chart clearly highlights the percentage of how people of color were terminated within the same time period. In the first chart 26% of hires by DCF are black employees.  Yet in the second chart blacks are fired to the ration of 48.9%. This writer does not want to minimize the fact that Hispanics also suffer from a lack of hiring opportunities, but blacks are the group terminated in higher numbers than anyone else. And within that subgroup black males suffer more.

Number of hires = 2,703

                                                              Number of Dismissals = 131

The four emails below show empirical proof that DCF / officials in state government were monitoring activist Cornell Lewis as he sought to expose apartheid like racism within several agencies. Lewis and four employees at Connecticut Juvenile Training School launched a class action lawsuit in 2010. From that point DCF, CJTS, and obviously officials in the Governor's office colluded to offer "alternative" facts to thwart Lewis's truth.

The emails below is about a former DCF employee named Adam. He discovered the misuse of funds within DCF by employees. Adam brought this illegal siphoning of funds to the attention of the CT Attorney General and State Auditor. For his efforts the state agencies monitored and retaliated against him. Instead of monitoring a man who tried to expose financial waste in agencies it would behoove DCF to watch the money.



Monday, February 20, 2017


The story is told that on Feb. 17,2017 a veteran white male teacher at Connecticut Juvenile Training School was viciously assaulted by a resident and required stiches. In this case the resident was taken back to his Unit and placed on something called "out of program " meaning the offending resident sits outside their room in a chair until management deems rehabilitation took place. Give me a damn break!!! So, the resident gives a veteran male teacher a ghetto ass whipping.. including abrasions and stiches around the head area and no outside criminal charges are filed? Why?

KeyStone Cops management at CJTS are rumored to have covered up the entire incident in order to not have the assault documented in a certain way. Let me be clear. If the assault is not charged outside of CJTS it does not count on the CJTS statistical chart and cannot be added to monthly or yearly aggregate numbers. Now since the big concern last year about the number of unlawful restraints of residents by Youth Service Officers, an unofficial policy hands off the residents is in place on the CJTS plantation. It is well known by staff and residents how management is bending over backwards in attempts to make sure that the APPEARANCE of treating residents fairly is being maintained. However, what about the veteran male school teacher who got his clock cleaned by a resident?? Where is the concern for his well being in this scenario? And by the way this same resident et al. was overheard saying "hell, if hitting a teacher means sitting on the Unit in front of my room door. Then why not hit staff and take the punishment."  So it is now clear management is manipulating incidents as not to make them appear in quarterly records.

Meanwhile back at the ranch a veteran white male teacher is assaulted with no real concern for his safety from management. Open season on teachers and YSOs.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The Connecticut Juvenile Training School operates 24 hours each day. Incarcerated male residents need adequate staff to be on hand for any situation that might arise. It is mandatory all Youth Service Officers report to work no matter what the circumstances. And KeyStone Cops management at CJTS enforce the law i.e. YSOs must be on the job. If this is the case about YSOs being ready to work should not the same rule apply to other staff ? It is reported that well paid clinicians are not always available at CJTS, especially during crisis. In the past clinicians would be on call, if an incident occurred these clinical folk would visit the facility. Also clinicians would be at the facility on weekend duty. Now however there are no clinicians present at CJTS on the weekend. This is how it is operating now. When an incident occurs with residents Unit Supervisors will instruct YSOs to initiate what is called "one to one observation." Then the clinician is called but NEVER comes in. In other words YSOs with no clinical training are asked to observe residents during crisis not knowing subtle signs of possible negative behaviors.. psychotic or suicidal ideations etc. This is a problem to have untrained frontline staff being thrust into a role they are not equipped for.

A letter from the Department of Children and Families with the name of Joette Katz on it was sent Feb. 2, 2017, to the staff representative at AFSCME C-4 Union in New Britain, CT. The main point in this two page letter is scheduling changes for YSOs. As this missive reads there will be fixed days to work and time off, and this provides KeyStone Cops management with flexibility, in lacing workers where needed. It has been reported there are lots of YSOs out hurt on Workers Compensation, some claim these workers are not hurt at all, just trying to survive in the dysfunctional atmosphere at CJTS. I cannot speak truthfully about whether someone is hurt or not. Yet it is clear workers are out on WC for long periods of time. The most famous worker out on WC being the Unit Leader claiming to be injured since last April but not hurt enough to stop travelling to Foxwoods Casino, leg dangling off a stool playing Black Jack, smoking cigarettes and sipping Diet Coke. In addition this writer heard while KeyStone Cops management at CJTS works YSOs like slaves picking cotton, Operations Staff reside in their office feet high on the desks, watching television and munching on snacks. Seems like Operations Staff is protected by the Superintendent.

There are rumors floating around at CJTS that the all seeing eye Unit Leader s still running up to offices of management with information about YSOs.  Some workers say that the Unit Leader looks for the management male daily. If she misses the person then he goes looking for this Unit Leader. How can a Unit Leader go to management and inform on staff? What makes this even more bizarre is how staff allow the all seeing eye Unit Leader back around them, acting as if nothing happened.
Perhaps the times have passed this writer by; thought people like this Unit Leader would be ostracized or worse. Guess times have truly changed when you embrace the all seeing eye as friend.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


The highly dysfunctional nature of KeyStone Cops management at Connecticut Juvenile Training School is beyond belief. Let me review the facts. Several months ago a male resident at CJTS on Unit 5D creeped into the staff office and called 911 to say "I have a gun...plan to shoot people." This resident used a staff cellphone. SWAT Team and State Police stormed Unit 5D and investigated the matter.....then departed. In order to sneak into the staff office the resident tiptoed around a somnolent Youth Service Officer. KeyStone Cops management placed the YSO on administrative desk duty for two months while an investigation took place. Now it has been revealed the YSO in question was absolved of any wrong doing in the SWAT Team / State Police fiasco. Say what ? You are reading correctly. How can a person be seen on film nodding while working like someone on 125th Street in New York City after using heroin and not be disciplined?? Not to mention that it costs thousands of dollars for activation of those law enforcement officers to descend on CJTS... all for nothing.

According to reliable sources the YSO under investigation was called by management and told "listen you are good, report back to your Unit in building #6." Now in years gone by other YSOs were put through the inquisition for minor transgressions while working. It leads one to wonder why this particular YSO got away with no disciplinary actions at all. And this is not the first time the YSO has been the subject of controversy within CJTS. Yet management NEVER disciplines this person. I wonder why?

Oh the YSO was instructed to show up for work this weekend. However this person decided to call out and not report to work.  The height of hubris.

Friday, January 27, 2017


The news out of Connecticut Juvenile Training School is more of the same foolishness from KeyStone Cops management. the lawmakers in Connecticut supposedly agreed to reduce the number of residents at CJTS in preparation for closing the facility in 2018. This came on the heels of so called revelations of Youth Service Officers abusing residents during restraints. Once the media got wind of these alleged restraint abuses and lawmakers marched through CJTS on tours... plans to close hat place were locked in stone. Now it has come to this writer's attention that slowly but surely resident intake numbers are on the increase. At one time the residents numbered at CJTS were over one hundred, then due to all the publicity those intake numbers diminished. Now instead of decreasing, an increase happened- there are fifty five residents at CJTS. The increase in numbers is just another incident is just another smoke screen at that facility. It should be noted that no suburban community wants a facility where incarcerated residents are housed... especially black and brown ones. Sources report there are only two-three Caucasian residents at CJTS. Now each time one resident leaves that facility one more is ready to be shipped in. Well this seems just like another smoke screen by management.

Sources report that YSOs are running up to the offices of management like it is Saturday night and the liquor store is about to close. It has been reported that these YSOs are giving management information about possible problems one the horizon, what the YSOs are considering in terms of Union activities and other information. What makes this so hideous is by going to management the YSOs are undercutting the very AFSCME Union representing them. Indeed this is another indication of how instead of banding together to fight corrupt...incompetent... white supremacist management. YSOs are looking to gather favor from their oppressors. So sad !

Monday, January 23, 2017


Self Defense Brigade
PO Box 400092
Hartford, CT 06140

Hon. Luke Bronin
Mayor, City of Hartford
Hand Delivered

January 22, 2017

Dear Mr. Mayor,

It has come to our attention that a meeting is being hosted at Faith Congregational Church in Hartford on Feb. 8, 2017 for the purposes of discussing residents’ needs and the allocation of resources to meet those needs.  Only a select number of clergy are invited to this meeting.
We are disturbed to learn that City leaders believe that only select members of the clergy are worthy of participating in such a meeting.  Some members of the clergy who have been heavily involved in community organizing have been excluded from this elite group.  Nor does this group speak for the entire community – in fact they aren’t interested in the opinions of some groups in the community.  
The Self Defense Brigade is composed of members who are dedicated to the protection of their community.  We will protect our community from being victimized from within, from forces with out and power structures over our community.  We will be attending the meeting as well.


Self Defense Brigade
Cornell Lewis, Founder

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Dear Colleagues:
                I would like to invite you to a lunch with Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin on Feb. 8th at noon to be held at Faith Congregational Church, 2030 Main Street in Hartford.
This meeting has been arranged by the Rev. Steve Camp, pastor of Faith and I am grateful that he has made this engagement possible.  Mayor Bronin is interested in hearing from clergy about the needs of the greater Hartford area as well as to discuss some of the challenges he is facing in leading the city at this time

The words above indicate something is brewing in the City of Hartford and it smells like old rotten fish heads resting on sidewalks in June. A perusal of the words above must take into account several things, 1.) white supremacy is seeking to disrupt any chance of popular dissent by the unwashed masses, 2.) only certain selected leaders that white folks feel comfortable with were invited to the meeting above, 3.) the clergy in Hartford is ineffective... weak... and more worried about gaining favor from white folk than seeking egalitarian rights for the oppressed.

We most also note that  clergy activists  that have been involved in social activism for the last 2-3 years in Hartford, and were not invited to this shindig. This writer specifically means religious leaders Pam Selders and her husband Bishop John Selders, founders of Moral Monday CT. These two pillars of social justice have led marches, street demonstrations, visited offices of CT Governor Danell Malloy asking for justice, and both Pam and John were arrested for their beliefs. Now let me juxtapose the Selders work of direct action with the non action of moribund clergy summoned to the above mentioned meeting Feb. 8, 2017. When rallies were held by MMCT, clergy in many instances vanished like Casper the Ghost. In particular Negro clergy did not weigh in on issues affecting people of color. Yet now that ol' Cap'n Boss done summoned the house Negroes to a meeting, it is seen as advantageous to these buck dancing Negro clergy to show up ... grinning in front of Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin like Sammy Sunshine in those old Little Rascals comedy series.

For years the white supremacist machinery in Hartford has used meetings with selected clergy to consolidate a hold on the city's political machinery, power, finances, and thinking of the majority population consisting of blacks and people of color. These same religious leaders coming to this meeting in Feb. seem to have no shame whatsoever in opening churches for whites to hold meetings, that are only good for taking pictures of grinning Negro preaches et al. What is really disturbing to this writer is the unmitigated gall and temerity of black clergy who are comfortable with embracing the white power structure. Well. Maybe it is time to gather people together and protest outside or inside the churches of black clergy in particular who placate the Mayor Bronin in their houses of worship. What the hell, activists have a moral obligation to confront injustice wherever it manifests itself and also to denounce traitors of the unwashed masses. Just perhaps members of the true vanguard will turn up [ protest ] inside of the church of this meeting Feb. 8th and make their voices heard. 

He who allows oppression shares the crime.- Erasmus Darwin

Saturday, January 14, 2017


The rumors coming out of Connecticut Juvenile Training School are disturbing if indeed true. This writer was informed of the story about a Youth Service Officer that is coming under special scrutiny while other employees are not. The YSO in question was sent to a doctor for determination about being able to perform job duties. It is reported the doctor examined the YSO and said "there is nothing wrong with you. Why are you here being examined by me?" The YSO returned to CJTS wondering what the hell is going on. In the years this YSO has worked at CJTS there has never been any mention of not performing job duties.

Now there are plenty of other Unit Leaders, Operations Staff, Clinicians et al. that do not perform job functions in any capacity. For example one female Unit Leader is a Workers Compensation queen, not having been at work consistently for over five years. However this same female Unit Leader can go to the casinos in Connecticut, sit at the Black Jack tables, swinging a leg while sitting in a high chair. Meanwhile the YSO sent to see a doctor for no reason wonders why.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


There are more shenanigans going on at Connecticut Juvenile Training School with dysfunctional management.  Since November of 2016, Workers Compensation adjusters visited CJTS / met with the Superintendent  at least 2-3 times. The question that needs asking is why ?  This blog has printed stories in the past about a certain female Unit Leader who is never at work because of allegedly being injured on the job [ for 4 years she sang the Workers Compensation song ]. I digress and must get back to the story line. Reliable sources indicate the visits to CJTS by WC adjusters recently seek to place blame on Youth Service Officers for the high rate of staff injury at the male lock down facility. Now take into account how YSOs are required by their job description to work double shifts if instructed by management. And since the worker layoffs and imminent closing of CJTS possibly in 2018, YSOs are forced to work even when tired physically / mentally.

However the truth is that management is either utilizing or abusing WC more than YSOs. Take for example the five Operations Staff that are currently out on WC, all they do is sit in the office all day. Then there are two clinicians out on WC. Let us not forget the female Unit Leader- called WC queen- supposedly repeatedly injured for 4 years or more. She is at this writing out on WC yet again. Well, either she is baking cookies during working hours or injured. The management at CJTS need to stop blaming everything that is dysfunctional at that place on YSOs. When is someone just going to take a broom and sweep all of those high paid white management types out the door for running that facility into the damn ground ?

Thursday, December 22, 2016


Department of Children and Family Commissioner Joette Katz and Deputy DCF Commissioner Fernando Muniz were interviewed December 22, 2016 on WNPR radio at 9:00am. The first segment of this interview focused on the handling of clients within the care of DCF, mishandled cases, and systemic concerns. Then the interview shifted to discussing closing Connecticut Juvenile Training School in 2018. This facility houses adjudicated male residents in a secure locked down facility. Severe criticism about how CJTS Youth Service Officers handle restraining residents, high costs of maintaining the facility, and offering more therapeutic services to residents were offered as reasons for closing CJTS. Oh by the way all this chatter came from lawmakers over the last year or so.

However all of the chatter on WNPR missed the point. Both DCF Commissioners danced around real issues about CJTS and why it is closing. It is interesting how Deputy Commissioner Muniz answered questions about CJTS. I guess his commentary about a facility with mostly residents of color incarcerated gave the show authenticity. Muniz stayed on message by citing how  financial savings in closing CJTS might be transferred to other service agencies [ even though legislators will make that decision not DCF ], he then stated the need to change CJTS from a punitive facility to a more therapeutic one. Muniz did not discuss how  CJTS management ran a dysfunctional facility for years. Nor did this blog writer hear anything about allegations of racism at CJTS from employees of color that roiled that facility and led to a class action lawsuit, public protests outside that facility... not to mention unfavorable media attention. For some strange reason Joette Katz and Fernando Muniz are ignoring the obvious i.e. within DCF as an agency dysfunctional behavior is overlooked. Now Katz and Muniz will retort that their agency has taken steps to deal with instances of incompetent workers. Yet that same standard is not applied to the KeyStone Cops management that ran CJTS literally into the ground. It will make no difference if CJTS is moved to another area or there are more therapeutic services made available for residents in the future. When you have management that by their silence condones racial animus, embraces mistreatment of Youth Services Officers, allows overtime to be handed out to favored employees ... there will always be problems. When you have all white top management at CJTS turning away from honest dialogue about issues with employees .. there will always be problems.

It is noted how CJTS closing was discussed during the last segment of WNPR and people called to complain about their personal issues about child care. CJTS is a textbook example of how not to run a facility while maintaining the same top management for years.

And the band played on.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


This is dedicated to the Unit Leader who sees everything but reports only what white management wants to hear.

Like Argus in Greek mythology you are never asleep,
One eye remains open at all times roving.
You see injustices that occur but never speak up,
Instead you run to Cap' boss for another biscuit
and piece of chicken.

Does the eye see how Youth Service Officers suffer?
Will the eye take an honest critique of white management?
Can the eye continue to guide you up the stairs to Cap' boss
office where you grin like Sambo,
Or dance up and down the stairs like Bogangles Robinson.

Yes the all seeing eye goes up to heaven and down to earth.
Yet that eye blots out truth while embracing deception,
Wash away your hatred of black people.
Pour into that eye the liquid that Harriet Tubman used
Maybe then you will develop enough backbone
And not strut around like a plantation Mammy.


The story appeared on this blog within the last two weeks or so about how a resident on Unit 5D called 911 on a staff cell phone. After sneaking into the staff office a resident said on the phone "I have a gun and will shoot people at Connecticut Juvenile Training School." Police and Swat Team came to CJTS and entered the Unit 5D with guns drawn. Police departed after discovering what really happened. However the Youth Service Officer on duty at the time did not see anything suspicious while the resident slithered into the staff office. Now management in their infinite wisdom is trying to ascertain what the YSO -now under investigation for the incident- was doing during the time this cell phone was used. The Unit is set-up with a control panel in the middle of the floor and all should be visible to any YSO awake, alert, and not distracted. Well. At this juncture management has the YSO under investigation,  and sitting at the front desk where visitors and guests come in. Just hope this YSO took No Doze while the investigation is being completed.

There are rumors circulating around CJTS about the lack of clear cut and decisive leadership from supervisors on Unit 6B. This is nothing new, this has been reported repeatedly on this blog. However our story takes a different route due to an employee critique. A YSO mentioned to management at CJTS how there is no consistency on Unit 6B in terms of following policies or procedures. Residents are allowed to do certain things one week and not so the following week. Disciplinary measures are handed out willy- nilly confusing YSOs and residents. When a YSO offered critique to the Assistant Supervisor things started to change for the YSO. This particular employee submitted weeks in advance requests for time off during the holiday season. Now -after the employee critique- this second in command superintendent et al. slowed down the employee's request for time off. I mean slowed it down to snail pace. This kind of punishment is not uncommon on the plantation, management always seems to personalize critiques, suggestions or differences of opinion from employees.

Finally management at CJTS decided to stop the intake process of new male residents. In the past whenever residents were committed to CJTS staff read the rules to residents, told them about expectations and then placed them on Units. From what i'm hearing it is now just placing residents on Units with peers their age. What kind of logic dictates placing residents in unfamiliar environments without clear expectations for following rules and regulations. Oh yeah, it is reported the idea is to let residents tell incoming youth what to do. Have mercy... the blind leading the blind.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


The rumors at Connecticut Juvenile Training School are swirling about how Swat Team / State Police / and other law enforcement officials bum-rushed Unit 5D with guns drawn last week. It is reported that a resident somehow got into the staff office, secured an employee cell phone. Then called 911 threatening to shoot people at CJTS. Now the drama is shifting to the staff that were on duty when the resident crept into the staff office. Sources report that an investigation is under way regarding those staff on duty i.e. where were Unit 5D staff and what the hell were they doing? This writer hopes any staff working on that Unit during this event has a lawyer and Union representation.

Where are those loud voices from the media, Childs Advocate Office, and lawmakers over the latest incident at CJTS? Let me be clear. When Youth Service Officer Dupree restrained a resident during a mini riot, all hell broke loose. State Lawmakers et al. were running around in a fit of spasms denouncing YSOs and Dupree especially for acting like thugs with incarcerated male residents because of physically restraining them during fights ... disruptive behavior etc. However when State Police / Swat Team members stormed Unit 5D with guns drawn - there are no voices crying out in anguish as if souls in Purgatory. You hollered against Dupree.

After the big fiasco on Unit 5D with the police did the residents get counseling? It is reported that several residents living on Unit 5D were traumatized about police with guns on their Unit. At this juncture no public word has been issued from CJTS about the residents mental status. The majority of residents at CJTS are youth of color. So, if CJTS administrators [ 95% white] do not get residents trauma counseling what does it mean? Well you could extrapolate and say this, white management do not consider counseling necessary-because those youth of color are use to police... guns... in urban America. I am just saying!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The sources within Connecticut Juvenile Training School report a tale that is hard to fathom but also highlight what goes on inside CJTS /Department of Children & Families. On November 27, 2016 on Unit 5D while a staff member was supposedly in a somnolent state, at the control panel a resident slithered into the staff office and stole a staff member's cell phone. Even thought the phone was locked the resident managed to call 911 and say " I have a gun and will shoot people." In order to cover what took place the resident opened the door to a resident bathroom while the incident occurred, thus blocking the view of this staff member who obviously took large doses of Nyquil while on duty. Where were people in Operation Unit who supposedly are monitoring cameras at CJTS?! Then it is reported State Police called CJTS and asked if an employee by the name of .... who owned the cell phone was at work. Operation staff replied yes. Police disconnected the telephone and proceeded to descend upon CJTS with a SWAT Team in tow.

From all accounts the scene at CJTS looked like something from a military training exercise, SWAT  Team / State Police came onto the property with guns drawn, flanking building# 5 before entering the Unit 5D. It looked like the invasion of Iwo Jima during World War II. Once inside the issue of threatening cell phone call got cleared up. However several troubling questions remain for this blog writer.

Why is it the issue of what took place never became public? When CJTS white administrators were looking for scapegoats to publicly vilify over supposedly resident illegal restraints by Youth Service Officers, going public with the name of YSO Dupree was damn quick. Why did no one in management at CJTS or DCF talk about police with guns drawn on the plantation property? Why did no management type discuss the failure of Operation staff in the main office with cameras on a console to see what this resident did.... or why staff let it happen?

Lawd have mercy!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The clarion call for black activists and people of color to join protests across America at this juncture is interesting to say the least. When BlackLivesMatter and Moral Monday CT tried to get white activists to join their movements hesitation occurred. White activists did not want to be associated to some degree with BLM. There were problems with tactics, agendas, targeted sites for protests. Also MMCT experienced great difficulty enlisting white people to help with systematic oppression of people of color in Hartford, CT. Again whites had to "consider" whether MMCT used "proper" tactics or if words were sufficiently utilized to white people's satisfaction. Now white people are singing a different tune. Oh yeah!! There is palpable fear circulating these days within the white community about the presidential win of Donald J. Trump. Draconian policies that Trump said would be implemented [ if he won.. and he did win ] affects whites and other groups. With such a revelation about what Trump's policies would mean for them, whites are stampeding to find black allies. Whites want blacks to march on Washington. Whites want blacks to protest with them in Oregon. Whites are showing up in droves at black meetings, begging for intersectionality on white issues. Whites are plugging in to MMCT's conference calls in record numbers seeking solidarity. Hold on Bubba. Why you love me now?

Let me be clear. Whites are showing up by the hundreds to meetings in Hartford like Standing Up For Racial Justice [ SURJ ] a white group that trains other whites to be allies against oppression, for one reason only -FEAR. It is clear a Trump administration in the White House is dangerous not only to people of color but whites and "others" caught in the sights of those administrators, surrounding Trump, who are capable of making policy decisions. So now a clarion call goes out to the black community et al. from whites for collaboration, unity, intersectionality, understanding, and lockstep protests in the streets.

However my reply to white folks is this.
Where were you when blacks needed you?

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Moral Monday CT

Statement Regarding SURJ-Hartford
November 19, 2016
After a time of prayer and deliberation, the executive leadership of Moral Monday CT has decided to sever ties with the Showing Up For Racial Justice, Hartford (SURJ-Htfd) organization.  Our executive leadership met with SURJ-Htfd core leadership for an extended time of conversation and could not reconcile inconsistencies/barriers that compromise our ability to work together.  
Moral Monday CT is a black-led organization representing a broad cross-section of people of faith and conscience, whose work is centered around how our deep moral values relate to the movement for black lives. We seek relationships (both individual and organizational) of mutuality and common interest. As leaders in the movement for black lives, it is our duty and responsibility to name abuses.  It is for this reason that we are obligated to speak truth from our prospective to SURJ-Htfd.
SURJ has primary stated goals. They are to organize White people for racial justice through community organizing, mobilizing and education while being accountable to People of Color. MMCT executive leadership was asked to hold a relationship of accountability.  SURJ-Htfd core leadership understood checks and balances within itself, however, they were unable and/or unwilling to articulate an understanding of such terms to MMCT, all the while acting in ways that attempted to usurp and undermine our leadership.  Racial justice work must be done from a position of humility. 
Zeal and ambition with unchecked and uninterrogated white supremacy is a reckless and dangerous recipe for this moment in time. Trusting white people to have the capability on their own to step outside of whiteness, outside of white supremacy in and of itself is extremely ambitious.  And to do so without mutual regard and a definite understanding of the responsibility of checks and balances is a detriment to the movement of Black Lives.  We will not endorse empire building in the name of racial justice.
Moral Monday CT will continue to welcome anyone who seeks to be engaged in the struggle for racial justice and our arms remain open to any individual involved in SURJ-Htfd.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The Connecticut Juvenile Training School Superintendent called a meeting on November 15, 2016 for Youth Service Officers to attend. The CJTS Superintendent wanted to explain a few things as it relates to ..the possibility of overtime funds running out in December 2016. The front line YSO staff are called to fill in certain areas when needed, this is overtime pay. However only two YSOs showed up to the meeting. Why? The answer is simple, YSOs do not trust what the Superintendent says at any given time. In the past this same leader at CJTS Plantation accused YSOs of being responsible for all the ills at CJTS including unlawful restraints. The same Superintendent et al. threw YSO Dupree under the bus during an investigation about resident restraints. Dupree [ a black man ] was made the poster child for restraints at CJTS; Dupree won his job back through arbitration but is not being called back to work. Also the Superintendent mentioned inordinate amounts of Worker Compensation claims by YSOs but failed to mention the queen of Worker Compensation use is a female Unit Leader who goes out injured-supposedly- monthly [ this same Unit Leader is well enough to sit at the black jack table at Foxwoods Casino while out on WC ]. Yeah another YSO meeting by the Superintendent is scheduled for Thursday. Maybe two jack rabbits will attend.

The Unit 5B moved to Unit 5C because the former supposedly had plumbing problems. Then while in Unit 5C residents noticed baited and set rat traps in the day room for residents. There are rumors circulating that maybe 5B did not have plumbing problems at all, and the rats Ben / Willard came to live as squatters. Residents in 5C report rats running out of their rooms.

It is reported that a Unit Leader in building #6 is not allowed on the Unit due to a resident complaint. The resident filed what is know as a #136 document. The document was passed on to administrators at CJTS for investigation. Meanwhile the Unit Leader in building # 6 cannot enter the Unit when the resident is inside. Only when the resident is not around can the Unit Leader come around. Well maybe all of this will be cleared up soon about the Unit Leader. But hold on, when YSOs have #136s filed against them by residents or management ... YSOs are barred for months -in some cases- of being on the Unit. Is there some double standard at work here??

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The sounds for several days of white existential anguish over the victory of Donald J. Trump for United States President is interesting. In the distance one hears cries reminiscent of souls in Purgatory in Dante's Inferno, it is white folk lamenting the end of their so called Democracy. It must be noted that these same people going to get therapy from psychologists / healing places for solace are beyond being consoled. White people now want to know what to do, how to fight someone they perceive as a threat not to America but to a white population that has basically for years enjoyed standing on the sidelines, while people of color fought tooth and nail against racism. Now to be fair some white allies have been fighting with people of color to end racism for years, but in my experience most whites questioned tactics of black leadership, strategy and whether or not to get involved. All of that hesitation and obstructionism ended with the advent of Trump as "the strong man on horse back" to lead the mixed rabble. Now you know how it feels.

The days after Trump's victory were like being on a super fast train ; whites calling me asking for advice, whites rioting in Oregon because Trump won the election. I gave those whites a few lines from Dante's Inferno about how they related to the black struggle "let us not speak of them; but look, and pass on." Yeah you looked white people when the BlackLivesMatter and Moral Monday CT organizations were seeking help. Now you want to ask me for help. In the words of the old rapper from Public Enemy Flava Flav ..."I can't Do Nothing For You Man." It is time for whites to understand that their inaction led to the situation called Trump. Let me be clear. If whites had been willing to unite behind black leadership as one force the outcome of this election might have been different. If whites had not been angry / vindictive about Bernie Sanders not winning the primary for president the outcome of this election might have been different. Whites et al. held back their vote as a protest, some even voting for third party candidates, how many of you crying over Trump now had your underwear in a bunch because events did not go your way? You withheld  millions of votes, you looked the other way... and now Trump is lord and master. Your river of tears mean nothing to me whites in existential anguish.

In the vampire movies the one known as Dracula is depicted as a blood thirsty creature. There are many ways to get rid of vampires... holy water, stake in the heart, holding up a cross symbolizing Jesus and Christianity. However the most effective way to thwart a vampire is not to let it in your home... etc. In the movies a vampire must be invited in to your dwelling and this is called a trespass right. The lack of whites voting and reluctance to get behind black leadership to fight for social justice gave Trump a trespass right, now the vampire is in the White House. Dracula or vampires seek blood of victims; Trump et al. will seek blood in the form of cutting benefits for elderly, poor and disadvantaged, placing people on the Supreme Court that will erode hard fought legal victories for Americans, scuttle rights and freedoms Americans have taken for granted. Dracula is in the house and now you cry out for solidarity with blacks that you did not want to follow or support. Whites now take to the streets asking for support to protest with them. Whites frame their arguments saying "we are all in this together" and hurriedly form coalitions making sure that in agendas at least the black cause is mentioned [ third or fourth ] in the platform. March to Washington in December / January for social justice is the white folk cry, there must be solidarity or else perish is the white mantra.Meanwhile back at the ranch, black people are openly saying " man this is a white problem." White folk are jamming telephone conferences with black lead groups wanting advice, their voices raw with emotion, invoking words from Martin Luther King, Gandhi and agents of non violence. However violence in the form of Donald J. Trump and Draconian policies he is planning seems to be the epitome of violence. Whites have been in a Rip Van Winkle slumber as it relates to helping in the black struggle. Now it appears as if whites are fully awake. Well. Black people have been awake to the racism in America for years while other folk embraced their white skin privilege and did nothing thinking "let us not speak of them; but look, and pass on."

In closing the white existential angst over Trump is somewhat amusing to behold. Wait, let me get my popcorn.

The waking have one world in common; Sleepers have each a private world of their own.
--Heraclitus, Fragments